The Blizzard EP

by 96

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released January 1, 2011



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96 New Jersey

Hardcore Punk from Essex County NJ, USA

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Track Name: Stray Dogs
The streets are dark, and the moon is grey
no fires left burning but the one in your heart
everyone is dead and gone, one man left alone with GOD
all the roads are empty and the dogs are stray and im loosing my want to survive but i will keep you safe
til there's no one left.
never travel alone, unless you have no choice
never travel by dark, unless you have no choice
remember my words, remember my words
son you remember my words.
lives change and families divide in the room of my father see a light in the sky
like a rabbit caught in a snare reaching out for help but theres nobody there
will i ever make you proud
will i ever make you proud
will i ever make you proud and will you?
carry the flame.
Track Name: Get Real
Ah shit guess what time it is take a second and look what you've got
always feeling like im seconds best, never had you to myself
ill never be what you want me to be so turn around and get real
i know you thought about em all of the time, never giving me the credit i earned
now im done and your full of regret, but ive had about up to my neck
feet feeling like they're stuck in the ground, im fucking happy that your not around,
buried you in sand up to your chin and the tides coming in...
so fucking get real
this bullshit wasn't in my contract
plenty of chances to make it right, but every time you disappoint
buried in sand up to your chin and the tides coming in
so fucking get real!
Track Name: Sixteen Inches
Day in the life of a pizza guy
driving around just to get by
last of a dying breed, real men working in the streets
Every doorbell that i ring, I risk my life
to be sure, that everyone, gets a slice

Slingn pies is all i know, im out there everyday rain sleet or snow
KNOCK KNOCK im at your door, dig deeper in your pocket you fucking whore. haha
I Quit
Track Name: Hot Wine
Blizzards coming, im trekking to you
German hot wine warming on that stove, my rooms never looked the same woke up from a dream now im trying to get back
would you trade me in for more of yourself
pack your bags, we're leaving to tonight, these yuppie fucking scum never treat you right, brought me places that i didn't belong knee deep in the snow and now there's no turning back
you keep climbing up the hill, but you keep slipping back down
you'll never get to me, cause im not like you
theres only so much a person can do, but in the end, THE BLIZZARDS GUNNA GET YOU!
take a chance on me
ill make you feel at home
all the letters you sent me
must of got lost in the mail.