D​.​O​.​T​.​D. Dogs of the Day - EP 2011

by 96

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released September 19, 2011

Recorded by Tim Baker at the Bakery. Verona NJ
Artwork by Frank William (Tattooer)



all rights reserved


96 New Jersey

Hardcore Punk from Essex County NJ, USA

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Track Name: Rescue Boat (Dogs of the day)
Wake up and smell the fucking concrete
Been there once, no im never going back learned my lesson 1996
I used to be somebody now im somebody else something made me change
I paid my dues, did my time and still these cowards show
NO RESPECT for the dogs of the day
1 or 2 turns to a dozen little fuckers getting in my way
running through like a fucking freight train, guess what the next stop is you
front 5s like im ready to die
you cant make me stay I don’t wanna stay should I stay yeah fuck it ill stay
Swerve no more.
You hear my wheels barking you know I’m coming you better watch your fucking back.
Pay your dues.
Track Name: Hard Luck
you never ask for it, but you’re always gunna get it
you fucking ask for it im gunna give it to you
Wish bones, short straws, you better keep your fingers crossed
with your horse shoe turned upside down
your luck will always run out.
Track Name: LONE WOLF
Vultures circle overhead, searching for the newly dead
My hair grew back so thick, that it broke every comb I owned
And you would feel so sick, from all the nights you spent alone
Lone wolf stray from the pack rode so many miles there’s no turning back
Always a stray in the pack
Rattlesnakes shake the ground, Close to the wall you could hear that sound
Fake motherfuckers they turn their back, no love for bitches they all get a smack, no need for friends lone wolf no club I’m out
Howl at the moon closest thing to family, knife in my boot means that there’s no misunderstandings
Lone wolf no club outlaw scumfuck his evening dinners always killed by the rode side, no need for friends lone wolf no club I’m out
Always a stray in the pack
Letters stitched on the back of a hide, letters reading lone wolf no longer shine
He’s got a bounty on his head, but 9 times out of 10, he’s coming for you
The wolf is coming for you tonight.
Track Name: Home Sick (feat. Abe KNUCKLE UP!)
Everyday I leave a key under the mat, I come back and its gone
Never seen a year go by so fast and feel so long
Homesick homesick homesick and alone
So sick so fucking sick I cant wait till its gone
You took away home and everything that I, learned to love all these years and I feel so fucking numb
My key wont even fit in the door anymore (My key wont even fit in the door anymore)
You can try to take me out of the grave but you can’t take the grave outta me
mother forgive me, I fear we’ve lost track of time.